Get a crafted itinerary

Tailoring Exceptional Experiences with Our Concierge Team

Crafting Unique Experiences with a Personal Touch 

As a Travel Advisor, you do more than just plan trips; you create unforgettable experiences that bring dreams to life.

And to us, every journey is a perfectly executed performance. 

We believe the little personal touches and attention to detail is what makes all the difference in luxury travel. And we’re here to make this happen.

Where the Magic Happens

The real fun starts after you've booked with us.

This is when we roll up our sleeves and delve into the details of your guest’s itinerary. Picture a family excited for their Panama adventure or a couple ready to fall in love with Costa Rica. Our insights take a great trip to an extraordinary one.

"Booking is just the beginning. We live to enhance your guests’ experience."

— Mauricio Alfaro, Co-Owner, Costa Rican Trails

It’s about the surprises that leave your guests speechless. Like a basket full of local treats; homemade ginger cookies for the kids, or a reservation at the best restaurant in town. We obsess over what makes your guests smile. 

"We go through every detail of their itinerary and see how to enhance it. Let’s add a special touch here—a flourish over here."

— Milena Araya, Concierge Manager​

This line-by-line attention transforms the trip into a collection of unforgettable memories.

Personalizing Every Detail

From custom welcome gifts to surprise birthday celebrations, we personalize every aspect of your guest’s trip.

"We love creating these magical moments. We've even designed Costa Rican greeting cards with different themes, and you can choose which theme best suits your guests."

— Milena Araya, Concierge Manager

Always a Step Ahead

Your eyes and ears on the ground.

Our job doesn’t pause when the guest steps off the plane. In fact, that’s when we become your eyes and ears on the ground. We’re constantly in touch with local partners to make sure everything’s perfect. 

"We’re always one step ahead, ensuring every little detail is cared for for a seamless experience. For example, the day the guest arrives, we call the reception to see which room has been assigned and see if they can do an upgrade."

— Milena Araya, Concierge Manager

It’s about ensuring that all added values are given on your behalf.

Why This Matters More Than Ever

The importance of pre-arrangement in busy destinations.

In popular destinations like Costa Rica, pre-arranging activities is crucial. Costa Rica is very busy. If you wait to get there, maybe it’s too late because the spa is full. Pre-arrangement and booking activities in advance mean your guests won’t miss a thing. We take care of this, so your guests don’t have to worry.

With our dedicated concierge team by your side.

Remember, you’re not alone in crafting these incredible experiences. Our dedicated team is right there with you, handling the details so you can focus on dreaming up the perfect vacation for your guests.

The advantage of local support.

Our local team is ready to tackle any last-minute requests or changes, ensuring a smooth, stress-free vacation for your guests. 

"Our Concierge Team is your eyes and ears on the ground, monitoring everything the day it happens and before it happens."

— Mauricio Alfaro, Co-Owner, Costa Rican Trails​

Craft an Experience Your Clients Will Never Forget

Our dedicated team is here to assist you plan the perfect moments for your guests. 

We’d love to help you craft this journey.

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