You Deserve a Trip to Paradise.

Let Us Host You

FAM Trips to Costa Rica

We understand that one of the best ways to sell Costa Rica as as destination is to come and experience Costa Rica for yourself.


That’s why, we organize familiarization trips — or FAM Trips — exclusively for luxury Travel Advisors like you. Every year during low season, we typically host 3 major FAM Trips to Costa Rica.


When you go on a FAM Trip hosted by Costa Rican Trails, you will:


  • See Costa Rica first-hand: Experience our different regions. Our premium accommodations. Getting around the country. And the incredible experiences and adventures our country has to offer
  • Take advantage of the super discounted rates given by us and all of our providers, exclusively for you
  • Return with the first-hand knowledge, finer details, and personal stories to confidently sell Costa Rica to your clients


Looking for an Individualized FAM Trip for FIT’s?


If your agency would like an individualized trip for FIT’s, please reach out to us. We’re happy to help plan your perfect FAM Trip.

How It Works

We’ll notify you when we’re offering our next FAM Trip so you can save the date!

Tell us you’re coming! Please keep in mind that due to limited spots available, participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We’ll send you a proposed itinerary a few weeks in advance so that you’ll know what to expect, know how to prepare for the trip, and have time to raise any questions.


Before Arrival, we’ll send you the confirmed final itinerary. We’ll share all the details of the accommodations you’ll stay in, restaurants you’ll dine in, and providers who guide you on the FAM Trip. This way, you can accredit everyone accordingly and update your offerings as well.


What about Pre or Post Extensions?

We can accommodate pre and post extensions if you’d like to experience other parts of the country — just ask us. We’ll do our best to make it happen!

We showcase a number of our most popular activities, so you can select which activities and experiences are relevant for you and the clients you serve.


What About Downtime?

We understand you’re also working! That’s why, we schedule in downtime so that you’ll have time to check your emails. Connect with the office. Organize what you’ve learned. Or catch up with loved ones back home.

Feel good knowing that you now have the first-hand knowledge, finer details, insights, and personal stories to confidently sell Costa Rica to your clients.

My Clients Will Be In Good Hands

“Costa Rican Trails – I can’t say enough good things about your company. From before I even arrived you were all so attentive handling every detail and I know my clients will be in good hands.”

Donna Adinolfi, Mindful Adventures


Trip Promise

  • We’ll never misrepresent any of the offerings.
  • We’ll only include offerings that are part of our repertoire.
  • We’ll show you the best of Costa Rica and what it has to offer for your guests.
  • You’ll leave loving Costa Rica and its people!

“I am completely blown away by all that you did for us! Everything was handled perfectly!”

Scott Bull, Hidden Doorways