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Of Expert Driver-Guides

Our Driver-Guides are expert naturalists who can answer your clients’ questions about Costa Rica and provide tips on hidden gems. Their trained eyes can easily spot sloths, toucans, and other wildlife while driving. Imagine your clients seeing a wild sloth within their first 15 minutes in the country – what a great start to their trip!

Our Driver-Guides offer personalized service, flexible schedules, and the freedom to travel at your own pace. Additionally, they undergo strict safety training and protocols to ensure your clients feel comfortable and safe throughout their journey.



With over 23 years of experience, Jose has acquired vast knowledge in birdwatching, natural history, plant diversity, and museums of Costa Rica.

In his leisure time, he likes to practice soccer and birdwatching.

Jose is especially passionate about sharing this country’s traditions, history, culture, and hidden gems with his guests.

“Our guide Jose was wonderful, knowledgeable, fun and great with kids. Each tour we did was special and fun and it seemed that he made an extra effort for us. The attention to detail and the quality of the tours/excursions was truly top notch.”



Henry loves riding bikes, motorcycles, and crafting with wood.

He’s had 19 years of experience in the tourism industry and has received local natural history and biology certifications. Henry also has experience with group travels including nature-oriented, adventurous, culturally-oriented, and private tours.

Henry loves showing guests Costa Rica through his eyes, bringing the country’s history and culture to life.

“Thanks to Henry, our main driver for our trip, we were able to get a taste of street side food! Little experiences like that are what made us fall in love with the country and trip! We cannot wait to start planning our next trip there! Thank you so much again for always doing your best to take care of us and make sure we were enjoying the country to the fullest!”



Since he was young, Paulo has been passionate about nature and adventure. He has pursued this passion by becoming a professional horseback rider, hiker, and white-water rafter, with a particular interest in volcanoes. With over 25 years of experience as a guide, Paulo has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various branches of the tourism industry.



With 21 years of experience, Edward has received various certificates in local natural history, biology, and birdwatching.

He is an avid naturalist with plenty of knowledge to share. He likes to hike, mountain bike, or birdwatch in his leisure time.

Edward is passionate about Costa Rica’s biodiversity and wildlife’s continuous surprises.

“Every day went according to plan and with Edward as our personal guide taking us to places we would never have known about we felt like we got to see things that were extra special. We highly recommend Costa Rica Trails for a seamless stress free holiday”



Mario has extensive knowledge of Costa Rica and is thrilled to show visitors the local flora and fauna.

He specializes in naturalist and adventure activities and likes to hike or practice martial arts in his free time.

Wanting to offer a unique experience, Mario enjoys face-to-face contact with guests and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and passion for the country.



Marvin has been working in the tourism industry for 8 years. He began with limited knowledge but has since developed a keen interest in volcanology. Marvin enjoys sharing his knowledge with all of the visitors he encounters. When not working, Marvin is passionate about cars, particularly race cars, collectors, and drift cars.

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