The Best Moments Are Those That Hold Personal Meaning.

Elevated Experiences

in Costa Rica

We know exactly how to create beyond average, memorable moments where your guests will get immersed in the real essence of our country and get engaged with fascinating cultures that live in harmony with nature.

The result? Elevated, original experiences and educational content that cannot be found — or felt — elsewhere.

Below, you’ll find a handful of some of our most popular and highly recommended experiences.

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One Of The Most Diverse Places In The World.

See why Corcovado National Park is heralded as “One of the most bio-diverse places on the planet”, by The National Geographic Society.

On this full-day expedition, your guests will be accompanied by an expert Naturalist Guide and hike among various ranger stations of the world-renowned Corcovado National Park. This reserve offers a wild nature experience where guests will feel the magic of a remote, unspoiled rainforest.

Papagayo Gulf


By yacht, sail boat or monohull, you’ll experience this absolute jewel of the North Pacific.

Papagayo is a tranquil gulf with many isolated beaches, clear and warm waters, patches of coral reefs, dolphins, whales, and unspoiled mangroves.

Enjoy all these wonders on a day trip sailing along the gulf. Stop to have a picnic lunch on a remote beach. Snorkel in warm waters or visit the mangroves by kayak and see where the day takes you.


Rafting at

Pacuare River

Four hours of pure adrenaline and world-class river rafting.

Let the professionals take you on Pacuare River’s level IV and V rapids, one of the most scenic rivers in the world, surrounded by a fantastic rainforest.

Ocean Safari With

Humpback Whales

The annual migration of Pacific Humpback Whales is one of the most remarkable journeys by any creature on the planet.

From July to November, hundreds of humpback whales come to breed and give the first swimming lessons to their calves in the warm waters of Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Ocean. 

Your guests will observe these gigantic creatures in a unique spectacle during a boat trip along the southern coast.

As they leap from the water and hang about, dolphins and rays join in on this ocean safari. A Marine Biologist and a Private Photographer can be included.

Rio Perdido —

The Lost River

On the slopes of Guanacaste Province’s Rincón de la Vieja, Miravalles, and Tenorio volcanoes lies a natural spa, a peaceful and pristine place surrounded by a quintessential tropical dry forest and high rocky mountains with a rare dwarf ecosystem. 

In this wellness sanctuary, bathe in warm, crystalline, healing waters and pamper your skin with the mineral mud from this volcanic region.

Guests can also hike to the property’s rocky, sun-drenched mesas and observe the stunning view of the three volcanoes or feel the adrenaline on one of the most amazing zip lines in Costa Rica across Rio Blanco’s narrow canyons.

Farm to Table


Costa Rica has hundreds of Organic Farms —our fertile soil grows just about everything.

Many curiosities await you. Do you know what leaf will change any acid into a sweet? Have you tasted the cacao fruit? Can you spot a banana or a pineapple plant? Visit a collection of crops, pick a recipe, and harvest your own food, which will be prepared for you.


Night Orchestra

The forest awakes once the sun goes down. Hundreds of animals start their day to the beat of the nighttime nature sounds.

Accompanied by your Naturalist Guide, discover some of the most fascinating and strange living creatures of the rainforest during a short hike in the jungle. Expect many colorful frogs and out-of-this-world insects.

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