Tastefully Curated Properties for You and Your Guests.

Our Premium Hotel

+ Villa Portfolio

We’ve handpicked a portfolio of premium accommodations in Costa Rica.

Think: Quintessential Haciendas. Boutique Eco-Lodges. Restored Historic Guest-Houses. And Private Villas.

You’ll feel confident knowing that we only feature hotels and lodges that we’ve stayed in personally, and that we believe to be the best in their area.

Below, learn more about the philosophy that grounds every decision we make when recommending a property for you and your clients.


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Our Philosophy

of Place

Every property must have a soul.

A history. A sense of place and purpose. We genuinely love to hear the owner’s story, and equally enjoy sharing it with you!


Curated surroundings over showroom pieces.

We don’t like walking into showrooms that feel generic. We want curated places with art and history. We want every corner to tell a story. To us, that’s what makes a stay feel unique.


We want our guests to feel they’re in Costa Rica.

We do not want them to feel like they’re just anywhere in the world! We want them to get immersed in a new local experience in our beloved country. That is why we select unique properties surrounded by fantastic landscapes. 

We select the most remarkable properties that evoke a feeling of warmth, happiness, and well-being.


Simple moments that make you feel revitalized— like enjoying breakfast on a treetop balcony while monkeys swing overhead or stepping into an outdoor shower surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and an awe-inspiring volcano view.


The most special properties evoke a feeling of warmth.

Are there comfortable sitting and lounging spaces — both indoor and out — that invite relaxation, ease and warmth? We’re drawn to properties that will make your guests feel that sense of wholesome comfort.


Every property must be sustainable.

Not only environmentally sustainable or in the way it was built, but most importantly, the community must benefit from having that property in the area.


Smaller, boutique properties.

We find that smaller properties tend to have more character and value intuitive, personalized service.


Every property must have stellar service.

That means exceptional dining with a focus on fresh, local and organic fare — sometimes even from the property’s own organic farm! And a dedication to pleasing every one of your guests with genuine, Costa Rican hospitality.


If you have guests that are more budget-oriented that are still looking for character and value, we also have a collection of outstanding properties for them.


Get Access to our Media Center where you can download our Premium Hotel & Villa Portfolio, and our Valued Hotel Portfolio

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