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We offer your guests meaningful ways to engage and contribute.

At Costa Rican Trails, our commitment to responsible tourism is the cornerstone of our operations. 

Sustainability is a practice. It’s something we intentionally strive to do and act on every day. 

We’ve integrated solar panels at our headquarters and only use reusable glass bottles in our transfers to minimize our environmental footprint.

Our team has planted hundreds of trees and supports the Corcovado Foundation to contribute to Costa Rica’s reforestation efforts and national park care. 

We participate in the DonaTapa project, collecting plastic bottle caps to construct accessible ramps on beaches and national parks, making these areas inclusive for people with disabilities. 

We also support a kitchen in the Linda Vista community and host annual Christmas parties for orphans with our Costa Rican and Panamanian teams.

Did you know that this commitment extends to how we choose our partners?

We select our local partners for their unique approach to sustainability and their ability to offer your guests meaningful ways to engage with and contribute to environmental and community well-being.

We strive to keep the supply chain as local as possible. Because we know if our community thrives, we all thrive.

It’s simple. We take care of our providers and partners. We strive to keep the supply chain as local as possible. Because we know if our community thrives, we all thrive. 

We love to work with boutique properties that support local hand-built furniture and serve organic, Costa Rican-grown produce where they can. This is the essence of supporting local businesses.

"It's about creating a travel ecosystem that benefits everyone involved."

Wilhelm von Breymann, Co-Founder, Costa Rican Trails

By focusing on local providers, we ensure that our guests’ experiences are enriched by the heart of our community. Along with the conservation of its natural resources and environment, there are a lot of economic advantages such as providing jobs and support to the local communities. It has brought a chain value through its Democratic Tourist Dollar.

Costa Rica: Transformative Experiences For Your Guests

We support activities and experiences led by local families and hosts, and we love to include these in our itineraries for your guests.

"Imagine your guests returning home not just with souvenirs but with stories of how they contributed to the repopulation of the Great Green Macaw."

Pedro Alfaro, Commercial Department

Some examples experiences that can be included in your guest itineraries: 

Take part in the conservation efforts of sea turtles in Costa Rica by learning from researchers at The Sea Turtle Conservation Program in Tortuguero. Your guests can also participate in the Great Green Macaw Research Station, which helps rehabilitate these majestic birds. 

Experience the entire process of organic coffee production by spending a day with a small producer. Or visit an authentic hacienda and live a day as a Sabanero (Costa Rican Cowboy).

Your guests can visit to a local school and donate supplies for the children. They can make a positive impact by planting a tree in one of our conservation projects.

The ‘Pack for a Purpose’ Initiative

The “Pack for a Purpose” Initiative is a simple yet impactful program in Costa Rica and Panama that transforms the travel experience. You can invite guests to pack small items in their luggage, like new pencils, crayons, books, or a soccer ball. These might seem small, but they can brighten a child’s day. 

It’s simple, but it means a lot. Your guests get to help out in a natural, hands-on way and get a more profound, more meaningful travel experience.

Craft an Experience Your Guests Will Remember

These experiences you can offer your guests in Costa Rica prove that travel can also positively impact the environment and the community’s well-being.

If you’re ready to explore how to incorporate sustainable luxury travel into your offerings, contact us. Let’s redefine luxury travel together, creating experiences that are as enriching for your guests as they benefit the planet.


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