Transformative Experiences That Engage Your Guests

Transformative Experiences That Engage Your Guests When your clients travel with us, they return home leaving a positive impact. At Costa Rican Trails, we believe in sustainability as more than just a trendy term. It’s a core value we hold dear, and we believe that the travel industry should adopt it too. This is not […]

Feature Article: Rio Celeste Elevated Experience

Stand Out From the Crowd With Our Elevated Rio Celeste Tour It Can Be Tough to Find a Tour That Sets Itself Apart When Everybody Offers the Same Tours. That’s Where We Come In. As a luxury travel advisor, you’re always on the lookout for unique experiences that will leave your clients in awe.  But […]

Feature Article: Our Premium Transportation Fleet

It’s more than getting from A to B. It’s about HOW we get there. Let’s Take a Moment to Talk About Transfers. Have you ever felt as if your clients were just simply passed around from one provider to the next?  Or were disappointed to find out that the transfer vehicles showed up in a […]

Webinar: Family & Celebration

Watch our webinar on Family & Celebration for Costa Rica. Have a question? Email us anytime at:

Feature Article: Meet Your Tour Managers

Meet Franx, Esther, Victor & Luis: The Team That Let’s You Sleep Easy Picture this. You get a late hour phone call. The hotel mistakenly gave your clients the wrong room … You know what we’re talking about. The phone call you NEVER want to get. Today, We’re Going to Highlight Our Tour Manager Service.  […]

Featured Article: Pedro & Alexa

A chat with Pedro & Alexa on the best tools to sell Costa Rica with Ease. Costa Rican Trails’ Commercial Department Shares Their Best Tips & Tools for First-Timers Selling Costa Rica as a Luxury Destination Pedro Alfaro & Alexa Garcia at work at Costa Rican Trails Headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica Costa Rican-born […]