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Visit The International Animal Rescue in Costa Rica

Offer Your Guests An Educational Experience & A Chance To Get Involved

We can arrange an educational experience for your guests at the International Animal Rescue Center. 

During the tour, guests will learn about the IAR’s rescue and rehabilitation efforts, and how to get involved in their programs. 

Within the lush landscapes of Nosara, the International Animal Rescue (IAR) has been a sanctuary for injured, orphaned, and displaced animals since 2017—with over 107 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles treated at the rescue center. 

During your guests’ visit, they’ll get a unique opportunity to learn about the local wildlife, including howler monkeys, and their challenges. 

Your guests will also be able to visit some of the sanctuary’s residents. 

"We receive animals that are injured, we try to release them as fast as possible."

Mauricio Salinas, IAR Costa Rica

Your guests can see what animals we are receiving and the process that we have to take to release the animals”

Mauricio has been working at the International Animal Rescuse Center since it’s opening. 

“Electrocution is the number one problem that we have here. 50% of the population at the center are the howler monkeys.”


Preventing Electrocutions

With our Stop the Shocks program, we are dedicated to protecting wildlife from electrocutions. We have found that these methods are required to prevent deadly electrocutions.

Tree Trimming

Tree branches near electrical distribution must be cut to prevent wildlife from accessing the power lines.

Rope Bridges

In areas of deforestation, rope bridges are installed to provide safe aerial pathways for arboreal wildlife to travel between habitats.

Insulating Power Lines and Transformers

Installing insulated cables and wildlife protection covers for transformers prevents electrocutions.

A New Chapter in Wildlife Conservation: Nosara’s New Rehabilitation Facility

With the increasing need for wildlife rehabilitation, the IAR a new wildlife rescue facility.


The new center, located in the Nosara Civic Association Parklands in the dense forest, is designed to create a perfect environment for wildlife to recover before being released back into their natural habitats. 

It will serve as a long-term sanctuary for animals with severe injuries or those who have spent an extended period in captivity, guaranteeing their well-being and quality of life.

Apart from the sanctuary, the new facility features an education center, a crucial element of their work. They aim to raise awareness among the public to prevent threats to wildlife.

How Your Guests Can Get Involved And Make A Difference

By supporting the efforts of the IAR Center, your guests can make a difference in the lives of animals and the future of wildlife conservation in Nosara and Costa Rica. 

With various funding opportunities available, from sponsoring specific enclosures to contributing to programs, your guests can choose a level of support. 

All of their work is funded by the public — each donation will make an impact.

"This is a MUST DO when you are in Nosara. We learned so much about the Howler Monkeys and everything the organization is doing to protect them, in Costa Rica. It was also really fun to meet some of their other animal guests. It was also a great educational experience for my children to see that just a small amount of people, can make a big impact on the world."

— Heidi D, Past Visitor

Costa Rican Trails is proud to support the IAR, and we look forward to helping them continue supporting local wildlife rehabilitation.

You can directly support International Animal Rescue Costa Rica. 

Ask us how to include a visit to the IAR in your itinerary.

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