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In the heart of Costa Rica’s lush cloudforest, Mark and Liza Sazio found themselves on an early morning trek, the mist hanging low among the towering trees. They were on the trail of the elusive Quetzal, a bird whose vibrant colours and serene beauty symbolize the magic of the forest itself.

Guided by Henry, a member of Costa Rican Trails’ “Dream Team” of driver-guides, they ventured deeper into the wilderness than they had ever imagined. Henry, with his eagle-eyed vision and intimate knowledge of the forest, whispered excitedly, pointing towards a clearing where the Quetzal appeared in its full glory.

This moment, deep in the calm of nature, captured an experience far beyond a typical tourist trip. It was a spontaneous journey into the heart of Costa Rica’s natural wonders, guided by someone who not only knew the way but shared it with a passion that was infectious.

Henry Elizondo

The Costa Rican Trails Dream Team of Driver Guides

As our founder Mauricio Alfaro puts it: “Our driver-guides ensure guests not only witness the beauty of Costa Rica but also understand and appreciate it on a deeper level.”

This is the essence of our Naturalist Guide Transport Service.

Guests like the Sazios tell stories of adventure and bonding, brought alive by guides who do more than just show the way. They dive deep into Costa Rica’s natural and cultural wonders.

“By having a dedicated driver-guide for a certain part of their total stay in the country, in areas, for example, like Arenal, where they usually stay 3-4 days, guests will have a more local intimate experience with a local ‘Tico’ host,” he adds, emphasizing the unique, personalized service that deepens the travel experience.

Adventures At Your Own Pace

The service caters to each traveller’s adventurous spirit, offering unparalleled freedom to explore Costa Rica’s diverse landscapes. 

“By having a Driver-Guide, our guests have a more private experience, and they don’t have to change guides and vehicles every time they take a different tour,” says Mauricio.

Whether it’s pausing to admire a rare bird or venturing off the beaten path to hidden waterfalls, your guests are empowered to lead their journey. 

This approach contrasts sharply with the structured itineraries of conventional tours, placing emphasis on spontaneity, personal interest, and the joy of discovery.

Deep Cultural Immersion

Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity is matched by its vibrant cultural heritage, an aspect that the Driver Guide Service brings to the forefront. 

Guides share stories of Costa Rica’s indigenous peoples, the country’s evolution into a beacon of sustainability, and its warm, welcoming community. “Our early economies were built on coffee, bananas, and cocoa, laying the foundation for our nation’s prosperity,” explains Eduardo, one of the guides, providing guests with a deeper understanding of the Costa Rican way of life.

Eduardo Navarro

"We are humble and hard-working people, proud of our roots, happy to live in this small country but with many natural riches, and no matter what type of work is performed, anywhere in the country there will always be a "tico" (Costa Rican) ready to help and share with tourists, and most importantly with a big smile."

— Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez

“Thank you for checking on us! It was a long drive but Marvin was excellent. His knowledge and love for his country was abundant. Looking forward to our adventures! “Pura Vida”!

— Gina & Steven Curran, Down Under Endeavours
Marvin Murillo

The Value of Personalized Travel

The uniqueness of Costa Rican Trails’ service lies in its commitment to creating a bridge between travellers and authentic Costa Rica. 

Unlike the typical tourist experience, this service offers an intimate glimpse into the country’s soul, facilitated by guides who embody the spirit of “Pura Vida.”

“It is very important to match the guides with the guests! We have guides who specialize more in adventure and some more in birding and wildlife observation. We even have guides who have the experience to accompany multigenerational families of different ages,” Mauricio emphasizes, highlighting the tailored approach that makes each journey extraordinary.

Meet our Dream Team of Driver Guides HERE.

As we look towards the future of travel in Costa Rica, the Naturalist Guide Transport Service serves as a shining example for those seeking more than just a vacation. It represents a journey into understanding, connection, and the joy of exploring one of the planet’s most magnificent destinations.

Craft an Experience Your Guests Will Remember

With Costa Rican Trails, we invite you and your guests to engage deeply with Costa Rica’s culture and natural environment and enrich your journey with experiences that resonate long after you return home. 

Create lasting memories in Costa Rica with our Driver Guides and travel in our Premium Fleet of Vehicles.

Email Maria Isabel for more information.

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