This area attracts rafting enthusiasts from around the world.


At Turrialba visitors can enjoy an array of natural attractions and exciting tours: hiking up to Turrialba volcano’s crater, visiting the ancient ruins of Guayabo, an adrenaline rafting ride through the turbulent and scenic Pacuare river and much more! The best white water rafting can be experienced in Turrialba at the Pacuare river. 

The river is known not only for its exciting rides but also for its scenic beauty as it is lined up with lush tropical forests, spectacular waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. 

The world renowned Pacuare River attracts rafting enthusiasts from around the world. 

On the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano lies Guayabo National Monument, the most significant archaeological discovery in Costa Rica: ancient pre-Columbian ruins set in the middle of a sacred rainforest. These are the ruins of an ancient city of approximately 20,000 inhabitants covering 49 acres which was abandoned in AD1400, probably because of disease or hunger.

Canyoning & Canopy
Canyoning is specifically practiced in the natural geographic setting of canyons. This activity involves rappelling and descending cliffs and waterfalls within the canyon. The equipment for this activity - r...
CATIE Mountain Bike Adventure
The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) is one of the world’s premier centers dedicated to research and graduate education in agriculture and the management, conservation, an...
Golden Bean Coffee Night Tour
A new mystical approach to discover the world of coffee! The tour begins at 5:00pm when you are picked up from your Turrialba Area Hotel. Upon arrival to our plantation you will initiate the tour in a trail ...
Guayabo Archeological Site Tour
Ancient stone carvings of alligator and jaguar gods, ingeniously engineered Pre-Columbian aqueducts where water still flows, and paved roads receding into a lush rainforest - all of these things hint to Cost...
Horseback Riding Adventure
For this trip, riders are driven fifteen minutes outside of Turrialba to a top of the line stable located near the small, quaint town of Atirro. Once at the stables you will be introduced to your friendly, h...
Pacuare Whitewater Rafting Class III-IV
The Pacuare River is ranked as one of the top five rivers in the world to white water rafting. What earns the Pacuare River this acclaim is its eighteen miles of class III and class IV rapids and some of the...
Rafting on Pejibaye River
The Pejibaye River is located thirty minutes from Turrialba. This river has rapids class 2 and 3.In our tour we use to raft six kilometers. It takes approximately 3 hours (half .day tour) and is a suitable t...
Tropical Plantation Walking tour / CATIE
During the plantation tour, a guide will help familiarize you with the extensive plantations of CATIE, and the significant contributions CATIE has made towards the research and education of tropical agricult...