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Pristine beaches and a vital nesting site for the leatherback turtles.


Costa Rica's South Caribbean Coast offers abundant wildlife, pristine rain forest and plenty of activities and tours for the adventurous. The two charming villages of Puerto Viejo and Cahuita start to live on reggae rhythms at sunset with an authentic Afro-Caribbean atmosphere. 

Visitors will find lots to do in the zone, beginning with sunbathing and swimming along the miles of white, sand and coral beaches. Other popular activities include kayaking, surfing, hiking and horseback riding, tours to the nearby Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge or Cahuita National Park.

Cahuita Rainforest Hike
This hike will take the visitors between Punta Cahuita, and Cahuita town with a distance of 7 km round trip approximately. During this tour they might observe various types of sn...
Horseback Riding tour in Cahuita
The local guide Mr. Joe, the last authentic cowboy of the Cahuita community, will lead the tour. He is known with that nickname, because he belongs to the last generation of people who used to mobilized by h...
Kekoldi Indigenous Reserves
The visitors will visit the Kekoldi Indigenous Reservation. There is an Iguana Farm that has been dedicated to the reproduction of the Green Iguana (an endangered species) that has been in recovering process...