Beautiful unspoiled beaches perfect for surfing.


Get to know the place you are in!! At  Mal Pais & Santa Teresa there is a wide variety of tours and activities for both the nature and adventure lover.

Visit Cabo Blanco, Montezuma Waterfalls, Curú Wildlife Refuge &Turtle Island, learn flora and fauna with our guides. Kayak & Surfing forms a part of every local's life and is the reason why a lot people come to visit.

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve
This tour leaves at 7:00 am from your hotel in Santa Teresa, where you will meet your tour guide and driver for this morning tour to the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, Costa Rica´s first protected area since 1...
Horseback Riding Hacienda Ario
Visit one amazing part of the Nicoya Peninsula, Hacienda Ario. This is a 15 000 acres cattle farm, with over 40 years of tradition. The mix of responsible cattle farming and conservation of natural resources...
Kayaking in the Mangroves
Explore the Magrooves at Pochote, a small village with Canals into the mangroves, with incredible wildlife and a very peaceful ride; you will enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by nature. We will also tak...
Kayaking in the Ocean
Take the kayaks into the bay of Curú Wildlife Refuge, with calm waters and amazing tropical jungle surrounding, we will paddle 40 minutes to Playa Quesera, a small White sand beach, with nothing else than a...
Mal Pais Canopy Tour
See the forest from a Bird´s point of view. From the canopy of this tropical forest you can observe amazing panoramic views of the foresta and the coastiline, and have a closer look to the life on the tree ...
Montezuma Waterfalls Trails
From Santa Teresa it is a 45 minute drive to Sun Trails in Montezuma, where a naturalist guide will take you on a trail into the jungle. Starting with two hanging bridges on the canopy of the forest, you wil...