A Lasting First Impression is one of Our Greatest Pleasures.

Meet Your Tour Manager:

Victor Sanchez

With 23 years of experience in the tourism industry, Victor knows what’s essential to make a tour unforgettable. In his leisure time, he loves to cook and has earned certifications on the topics of volcanoes and local history.

What he loves about his job?

He feels that the role of a Tour Manager combines teaching and learning and allows him to meet new people on a daily basis. For him, tourism is his lifestyle, and he wants to surprise his guests by exceeding their expectations every time.

With Victor Sanchez as

your dedicated Tour Manager:

  • You’ll feel confident knowing you have a main Contact Person for your clients throughout their whole journey in Costa Rica.
  • Your client’s experience will begin as soon as they arrive at the airport.
  • We’re proactive about ensuring your client’s comfort throughout their whole journey.
  • Your client’s send-off will be just as memorable.
  • You’ll be informed of every detail throughout your client’s journey.

Meet Your Tour Manager:

Esther Liberman

Esther will always greet you with a smile.

Having studied architecture and psychology, she crossed into the tourism industry and fell in love with it.

Working in customer service and meeting people from all over the world became her passion. Over the years, she has now become an expert in this field.

What she loves about her job?

She loves that every day is a challenge Рbut a very rewarding one. There’s nothing she enjoys more than taking care of her clients and making sure they have a memorable stay.

Meet Your Tour Manager:

Franx Brenes

In the 20 years that Franx has worked in the tourism industry, he has perfected his skills in positively impacting travel experiences.

In his personal time, he loves listening to music, watching movies, and cycling through nature.

What he loves about his job?

He loves having the opportunity to make a difference by letting his clients feel truly welcome and ensuring that their trip runs smoothly.

He believes an amazing destination combined with excellent service makes for an unforgettable trip.

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