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Named by National Geographic as the "the most biologically intense place on Earth.”


The Osa Peninsula with Corcovado National Park is home to more than 400 species of birds and more than a hundred species each of amphibians and mammals. 

This tropical humid primary forest covers more than 40,000 hectares of protected land, and is home to monkeys, scarlet macaws, coatimundis and other wildlife.

In and around the Corcovado park you will find some of Costa Rica's most luxurious jungle lodges & hotels offering gourmet cuisine and unique accommodations. 

Aguila de Osa Inn
Aguila de Osa Inn is located in Costa Rica`s Osa Peninsula, placed on a high bluff overlooking the Aguitas river with panoramic views of Drake Bay. Reaching out into the Pacific Oc...
Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge
Immersed in the green of the forest and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge is a 170-acre private reserve that surrounds Corcovado, a national park that ha...
Drake Bay Wilderness Reserve
Drake Bay Wilderness Resort, is settled in Drake Bay, one of the most beautiful places in the Southwestern corner of Costa Rica.  The lodge has been built facing the ocean at a great spot for swimming or ka...
La Paloma Lodge
La Paloma Lodge sits on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and backed by the lush rainforest. The property is located on 14 acres; a short walk from the Agujitas river. The room...
Pirate Cove Hotel
The Pirate Cove hotel, located in the Osa Peninsula, the least developed and biologically diverse area in Costa Rica. It consists of cabins, bungalows, air-conditioned rooms and de...