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One of the few remaining nesting sites for the Great Green Macaw.

Located in the northern lands of Costa Rica, closed to Nicaragua border, Boca Tapada is surrounded by tropical rainforests, and bordering the Majestic San Carlos River. This area has become famous for being a unique region for ecology, wildlife observation, unique birding and adventure tours. There is a great variety of flora and fauna, making this the perfect place for bird lovers. Currently, it has been identified more than 410 species of birds, including the Great Green Macaw (in endangered), Scarlet Macaw, some toucans, Oropendolas, honeycreepers, Tanagers, Euphonias and Jacamars. Most of the properties in the area count with their own private reserve and lagoons and are family owned and run which give you a first-hand feeling of Costa Ricans warmth and hospitality. In addition to birding and hiking tours on-site, horseback riding excursions and tours in San Carlos River via kayak are also available.   


Maquenque Ecolodge
We have 68 acres of rainforest, within which we have trails for you to enjoy alone or with one of our guides. There is a great variety of flora and fauna, making this the perfect p...
Pedacito de Cielo
We have 300 hectares located next to the San Carlos River.In this private reserve that is 2 km from the Hotel you will find numerous trails, where you can observe the Rainforest, a...