South Pacific - Puerto Jimenez / Osa Peninsula
La Leona Eco Lodge

La Leona Eco Lodge has a unique location by been next to Corcovado National Park in La Leona Ranger Station, it is also in the rainforest and stretches along the beach of the Pacific Ocean with spectacular panoramic views. This combination might have inspired our guests expressing:´…like being in paradise´.

La Leona Eco Lodge is a great place for nature lovers, for people seeking ecotourism in Costa Rica in pristine rainforests with fascinating wildlife. At La Leona Eco Lodge we live the philosophy of maintaining this unique place by applying sustainable practices, by reducing environmental impacts, considering social responsibilities, and conserving local cultural values. All activities and facilities are designed for considering the environment and for offering amazing comfort to our guests.

The Costa Rican Morales Polanco family welcomes you at La Leona Eco Lodge for discovering a fascinating nature, for being in close touch with local culture or, in a word, for having a Costa Rica ecotourism dream vacation. The tropical background of the Corcovado area makes the difference, makes your experience so breathtaking!


Ocean View Tent
These tents are located a few meters away from the beach, giving you a spectacular view of the crashing waves of Corcovado´s Pacific Ocean. Each one has private bathroom, with the particular detail that the shower is roofless, this means that you practically shower immerse among the trees. A deck with comfortable chairs adorns the entrance. This is the perfect spot to feel the ocean´s breeze and experience magnificent sunsets.

Monkey´s Camp Tent
These tents are behind the Ocean View Tents, which puts them a little further inside and up the forest. From their decks you can enjoy a beautiful view of the canopy. This is the perfect spot where you may encounter wildlife! The Monkey´s Camp accommodations are perfect for people that want to experience the sounds and aromas of nature, making you feel immerse in Corcovado´s rainforest. This type of tent also has a private bathroom with roofless shower. They have a deck with two comfortable chairs perfect to read a book or just enjoy nature.

Shared Bathroom Tent 
These are located between the Monkey´s Camp and the Ocean View tents. Their view combines the Ocean View tent ocean´s breeze with the Monkey´s Camp Corcovado´s rainforest view. These accommodations share clean bathrooms and showers, which are located close to the tents. This is the only difference with the other tents, because they also have a deck, comfortable chairs and an amazing view from where the rainforest meets the sea.


Our restaurant ´Jardines del Mar´ opens up to the panoramic view over the Pacific Ocean while you enjoy your delicious meal. Our local chefs cook variations of regional Costarrican and international cuisine. At La Leona Eco Lodge we are well-known for offering miracle menus in the jungle. The bread for your breakfast is freshly baked on the spot every day!

After your Lunch and Dinner you can enjoy a cup of coffe made from our famous Costa Rican coffee beans! We buy the coffee from a traditional family business in the mountains close to the Osa Peninsula.

We buy all ingredients for our restaurant locally; the fish we serve is caught from local fishermen in the Golfo Dulce.

Tours & Activities

• Corcovado National Park Tour • Bird watching Costa Rica tour • Hike to Madrigal River (National Park) • Night tour • Kayak & horseback riding (day tour) • Sirena Rainforest Tour (National park,2 or 3 days) • Carate Trail • Tour to gold diggers • Turtle watching

Tours available leaving from Osa Peninsula / Corcovado

Dates Room Meals Rates
      Sgl Dbl Tpl
From: 15 APR 19 To: 21 APR 19
Monkeys Camp w/bath FB $138 $256 $384
OV front row w/bath FB $170 $298 $447
Shared bath FB $115 $210 $315
From: 22 APR 19 To: 14 NOV 19
Monkeys Camp w/bath FB $128 $246 $369
OV front row w/bath FB $149 $268 $402
Shared bath FB $105 $198 $297



For prices and policies of children under 10 years please contact our sales executives, Children from 11 pay as adults

Please note that clients have to walk 3.5 km on the beach by themselves to get to the lodge. The luggage will be taken separately by a horse.

There are no available tours.
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