Costa Rica’s last hidden havens


Pérez Zeledón area is located in the Southern Region of the country and counts with one of Costa Rica’s last hidden havens: San Isidro de El General, a traditional agricultural town, and now, a mandatory stop in the country’s destination circuit. The region boasts all over picturesque beauty, flora and fauna, and sits close to the Cerro Chirripó, “Los Cusingos” Wildlife Bird Refuge, Namu Waterfalls and beautiful green valleys where you can experience the best equestrian adventures. The people of Pérez Zeledón are also part of its beauty as they are known for their warmth and authenticity. 

Alta Gracia - Boutique Hacienda
AltaGracia was born as the only “Boutique Hacienda” in the country, open to a selected public seeking to welcome each guest in their own unique and personal style. This lush new Boutique Hacienda sits hi...