Birdwatcher’s Paradise


Lying in the valley between Viejo Volcano and Poas, Bajos del Toro is a typically cloudy, rainy town, which fits itself perfectly with the surrounding natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Waterfalls, small rivers and pools are the ecological system that gives the town the unique look that visitors have for some of Costa Rica's plant and animal species. One the most spectacular waterfall in Costa Rica, Cataratas del Toro, is situated within Bajos del Toro and should be on the mark list for any traveler who wants to appreciate the country's terrific natural landscape. 

Bosque de Paz
Bosque de Paz is a 1000 hectares, privately-owned reserve with a natural biological corridor that connects the Poas Volcano National Park with the Juan Castro Blanco National Park....
El Silencio Lodge & Spa
Down-to-earth eco-chic comes standard at El Silencio Lodge. This 500-acre cloud-forest- resort offers an indulgent wellness experience amidst the calm rhythms of the tropics. The r...