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Our commitments:

Costa Rican Trails acknowledges the Human Rights and future generation rights to a healthy and ecologically balanced environment. Costa Rican Trails is committed to environmental criteria, structuring its activities with the principles of minimum impact, we protect the environment and support the national environmental laws, and we have incorporated them to our operational, strategic and control areas. For that reason, we are taking measures to reduce the use of resources and reduce undesirable environmental impact of our operations. Costa Rican Trails will use only eco-friendly materials and products in its services. No natural resource product will be acquired with company funds. 

Our services

We provide unique and innovative travel services, always looking for the best for our clients, improving our customer service, and having open communication with our clients to strengthen our products and services. We look for the highest quality in our services and programs according to our clients’ expectations, all in compliance with our environmental policies. We encourage the feedback from our clients in order to obtain direct information that allows us to constantly improve our quality service. What we offer is what we give to our clients. We are committed to complying with principles of sustainable tourism, leadership, discipline, integrity, respect, team work, punctuality, safety, opportunity, honesty, responsibility, social values, solidarity, professionalism and friendliness. We are committed to intensify our efforts to protect and contribute to better environmental and social conditions. 

Waste disposal managent

In order to minimize waste in our tours, we use whenever it is possible, products that are recycled, biodegradable, returnable or recyclable. 

Efficient use of energy ad water

To reduce the use of Electricity and wasting water, we have programs and campaigns to avoid unnecessary consumption at the office and during our tours


We provide our transportation services considering energy efficiency, to avoid the unnecessary consumption of gasoline, noise and pollution. We avoid any risk situations or any activity that may impact our environment during our tours. We guarantee the maximum safety of our clients in the visited areas, transportation or any other service provided. 

Our natural resources

We respect and protect our National Patrimony, our local cultures and support communities’ initiatives to sustainable development. We respect their cultural integrity, beliefs and values and we invite our clients to be a part of it. 

Our Staff

All our employees are aware of environmental themes and are part of our efforts to protect the environment, through recycling programs at the office and during our tours. They are committed to complying with our environmental policies and actions. We select our personnel to offer the best, with a team of experts that can help you discover and responsible enjoy the country. Our personnel work great passion, are creative, respectful and friendly. We train our personnel with internal training programs to guarantee our quality of service to all our clients 

Our suppliers

We inform our suppliers and partners to become a part of the environmental programs, by establishing their own practices and policies. We give priority to those suppliers who are committed to environmental practices and have concrete actions towards the protection of the environment. We will also give priority to properties and suppliers who stand up for their employees’ social rights, and who have a long-term vision and honest, ethical and sustainable relationships with clients and travel agencies. 

Our clients

We encourage our clients to be an active part in our efforts to protect the environment by having activities that lower the impact in the communities we visit. 

Our Travel Programs

We are designing programs that reflect our environmental policies and including communities and their services. Our standard group size does not exceed 15 passengers, in case we have larger groups we have additional assistance to minimize the impact in natural areas. We provide information that is accurate and updated, responding to standards of quality, efficiency and expertise. We comply with all the laws and regulations for natural areas, cultural patrimony and business development. We promote programs considering saving time and resources in order to reflect a low impact policy. 

Our patrimony

Costa Rican Trails seeks to minimize the impact of its passengers in wildlife areas and other sites, and respecting the fragility of those ecosystems. We will also respect the values and local cultures, supporting conservation and development initiatives. Costa Rican Trails will respect the cultural integrity, privacy, beliefs and values of the communities we visit in order to facilitate the development with a minimum impact and will inform and encourage our passengers to do so. Costa Rican Trails promotes, whenever is possible, the inclusion of communities and their services within our travel programs and activities. 

Local environmental issues

Find out what are the important environmental issues in our country. Good environmental practices (e.g. reduce, reuse, recycle!) are often the same in different countries. Talk about these issues with people you meet.


Think about where you are eating and staying, and support the more environmentally friendly businesses. If you stay in an Ecolodge, talk to the owners / managers, ask how do they manage their garbage, do they recycle, do they use treatment plants to reuse their water? , Do they practice or contribute to conservation, do they support the local communities in any way? These questions can also be asked at any hotel you visit.


Many countries have interesting volunteer opportunities with environmentally-oriented organizations. If you have time and interest, support these efforts by volunteering. Costa Rica also offers many opportunities to do something to protect our environment. Consult us.


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