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Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) - CR Trails obtained 5 Leaves (The Highest Level !!)

Costa Rican Trails is committed to a sustainable development, and our goal is to allow a healthy and ecological balanced environment for future generations. All our activities are structured to follow the sustainable principles of minimum impact, we develop actions that protect the environment and help the development of our local communities. 

Due to our efforts, Costa Rican Trails obtained the Certification for Sustainable Tourism, known as CST-TO, Level 5 ( highest qualification) granted by the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT), our country’s highest authority for the Tourism Industry. 

The CST is a program that seeks to categorize and certify each tourism company according to the degree to which its operations comply with a model of sustainability. 


The CST evaluates four main aspects:

Physical-biological parameters: evaluates the interaction between the company and its surrounding natural habitat. 

Infrastructure and services, evaluates the management policies and the operational systems within the company and its infrastructure. 

External clients, evaluates the interaction of the company with its clients in terms of how much it allows and invites the client to be an active contributor to the company's policies of sustainability 

The Socio-economic environment, evaluates the interaction of the company with the local communities and the population in general. 

The CST program provides a system of "''sustainability levels'', on a scale of 0 to 5, being 5 the highest level. 

Costa Rican Trails has achieved a level 5, which represents the highest standard of sustainable actions and this encourages us to continue working to maintain this model of sustainability. 

Costa Rican Trails is diminishing the negative impacts in the operation and its promoting good practices for sustainable tourism in the suppliers operations; keeping in mind that the quality criteria go hand in hand with those of sustainability. It is also stimulating the active participation of local communities, reinforcing the competitiveness of the enterprise sector, and widening their possibilities for a better quality of life, 

What means Sustainability for Costa Rican Trails?:
It’s informative.

Travelers not only learn about the destination, they learn how to help sustain its character while deepening their own travel experiences and participate in all our sustainable practices. 

It supports integrity of place.

Destination-savvy travelers seek out businesses that emphasize the character of the local people in terms of architecture, cuisine, heritage, aesthetics, and ecology. It benefits local residents. Travel businesses do their best to employ and train local people, buy local supplies, and use local services. 

It preserves resources.

Environmentally aware travelers favor businesses that minimize pollution, waste, energy consumption, water usage, landscaping chemicals, and unnecessary nighttime lighting. 

It respects local culture and tradition.

Foreign visitors learn about and observe local etiquette, including using at least a few courtesy words in the local language. Residents learn how to deal with foreign expectations that may differ from their own. 

It does not abuse its product.

Businesses cooperate to sustain natural habitats, heritage sites, scenic appeal, and local culture. It strives for quality, not quantity. Communities measure tourism success not by sheer numbers of visitors, but by length of stay, money spent, and quality of experience. 

It means great trips.

Satisfied, excited visitors bring new knowledge home and send friends off to experience the same thing - which provides continuing business for the destination. 

This certification reflects a true interest to position Costa Rica as a tourist destination that offers a quality product, and assures that its good practices will protect the resources for future generations of tourists, who wish to explore the wonders of Costa Rica. 

Environmental Efforts:

Costa Rican Trails as part of its commitment to protect our environment has developed environmental policies and programs to protect our natural resources and minimize the impact in the natural areas. For further information about the CST, please visit: