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Birdwatcher’s Paradise
10 (Days / 9 Nights)

If you are serious about bird watching, Costa Rica is the place for you. One of the reasons for Costa Ricas extraordinary bird life is the countrys great variety of habitats: rain forests, mangrove swamps, beaches, cloud forest, rivers, etc. And any two of those ecosystems, with their resident bird species, are often only a short distance apart.


• Meet & Greet at the airport

 • Bilingual driver/guide in an A/C motorcoach throughout the whole itinerary 

• 1 nt / Bougainvillea  standard  mountain  room / B 

• 2 nts/ Laguna del Lagarto,  standard lake view room (FB) 

• 2 nts / Natural Lodge Caño Negro standard room. (FB) 

• 2 nts/  La Ensenada Lodge/  standard room. (FB) 

• 2 nts / Cerro Lodge /cabaña room. (B) 

• Natural Walk & Wetland Tours

• Hiking and bird watching on the hotel properties

• Carara Biological Reserve

• Jungle Crocodile Safari

• All taxes and service charges 

What to bring

Clothing: Costa Rica is a very informal and casual country. Formal attire is only used in the city of San Jose and on very special occasions (Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries)We recommend to bring a sweater for the highland areas, and light loose fitting shirts, pants or jeans, and shorts for the lowland areas.For the beach areas please dont forget to bring a hat or cap, sunscreen, and sun glasses. For the rainforest and the National Parks we recommend hiking boots, a small backpack, water bottle, pocket knife, flashlight, insect repellent, rainwear, and a pair of binoculars to observe animals

Day 01: Arrival - San Jose

Arrival. A representative from Costa Rican Trails will meet you at the airport and provide transfer to the Hotel.

Overnight at Bougainvillea  standard  mountain  room. . Breakfast is included.

Day 02 & 03 : Boca Tapada (FB)

Boca Tapada, San Carlos, Costa Rica, offers a genuine contact with nature. Exuberant trails in the tropical rain forest allows for a direct access to nature. 150 species of trees, monkeys, caimans, coatis, red frogs and the symphony of 350 species of birds – the most wanted dream of bird watchers and photographers – are all part of this enchanting experience. Laguna del Lagarto Lodge comprises 500 protected hectares that can be toured in different ways, by foot, by horse or by boat, and each trip will leave you with a great impression. We have specially located platforms to take pictures at a strategic distance of no more than four meters.

Laguna del Lagarto Eco-Lodge is positioned as one of the main “hotspots” for bird watching and photography in Costa Rica, find more about our excellent ranking in There are reports of over 350 different bird species, which can be seen throughout the year. In addition to a great variety of birds, you will also be able to see other species like insects, reptiles and amphibians. Take with you unique memories of the Costa Rican fauna in the wild. We have specially designed platforms for eight photographers where you can take pictures at a distance no greater than four meters, and with natural background, of a great variety of birds like toucans, orioles, parrots, honeyeaters, tanagers, woodpeckers and many more. Costa Rica offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy this hobby. We also have special hideaways to take pictures of the king vulture and the bats, and a special garden for hummingbirds. There can be “macro” photography sessions with reptiles, insects, amphibians and flowers in our premises. You will also be able to see mammals like coatis, different varieties of monkeys, agouties, tapirs and, if you’re lucky, an ocelot or a fresh water otter. Enjoy a guided tour in the forest, use of the trails, canoes and alligators tour throughout the stay, plus  One full day Photo-Shoot at the platform at the restaurant   


Two nights at the Laguna de Lagarto, standard lake view room. All meals included.

Day 04: Caño Negro

These amazing wetlands are located in the northern zone of Costa Rica, close to the small village of Los Chiles in the Province of Alajuela. Caño Negro is mainly conformed by the Caño Negro Lagoon and the Rio Frio. It has an extension of 9960 Hs., and it is one of the most important biological areas of the country and the four most important  wetlands area in the world. Caño Negro Wild Life Refuge was declared “Wildlife Area of International Importance” in 1991.  This Costa Rica ecological treasure is the natural habitat of more than 350 species of birds, as well as the emerald basilisk, iguanas, river turtles, caimans and jaguars.


Overnight at the Caño Negro Lodge standard room. Breakfast & dinner included

Day 05: Natural Walk/ Wetland Tours

In this tour you will know a little more about the great biodiversity of the refuge, besides the threat that is suffering the place with regard to the environmental impact and what Natural Lodge Caño Negro makes the danger that watches to this place to diminish. We will visit one of the butterflies gardens of the place where they will be been able to observe different species of butterflies and to know the processes that carry out a small association of women to maintain these places, the great importance that has for them it stops this way to satisfy some of their necessities. Then we will visit the project of turtles where they will be explained and they will know the processes that you carry out to raise this reptile. Visit, on a very safe and comfortable boat, the channels and lagoons that compose this beautiful area. The visitor will be very impressed with the scenery, the observation of flora and fauna and the incredible beauty of the channel systems. This refuge is home of more than 350 bird species, such as Jabiru, Roseate Spoonbill, Neotropic Cormorant ,Anhinga, Wood Stork,  Tricolored Heron, Bare-throated Tiger-Heron ,White Ibis Great Blue Heron ,Snowy Egret ,Sungrebe Black-bellied, Whistling-Duck.


Overnight at the Caño Negro Lodge standard room. Breakfast & dinner included

Day 06 & 07: La Ensenada (FB)

Continue on the Panamerican Highway on the road to Punta Morales, Coyolitos and Abangaritos. La Ensenada National Wildlife Refuge, with 1000 acres, is located on the pacific coast in the province of Puntarenas, on the gulf of Nicoya. It is an ideal place for horseback riding; for naturalists, for bird   watchers and nature lovers. The most important activities of this ranch   are cattle and horse the production of salt and fruit. It is also a  paradise where you will find the perfect point of balance between place, excitement and adventure. The hotel offers accommodations on comfortable Villas facing The  Nicoya gulf with two beds, bathroom, closet and spacious terrace, from which you enjoy and unforgettable sunset relaxing in a hammock. The gulf of Nicoya, the mangroves and the salina offer those who love birds and photography many different species and variety of birds such as pelicans, herons, parrots, Montezuma oropendula, bellbird, white iris, great egret, etc.


Two nights at the Ensenada Lodge , standard room. All meals included.

Day 08: Carara (B)

Morning departure towards the Central Pacific Coast and the Carara Biological Reserve. This 4700 hectare reserve is at the mouth of the Tárcoles River. The reserve is surrounded by pasture and agricultural land and forms an oasis for wildlife from a large surrounding area. Check in at the Cerro Lodge located at nearby Carara.


Overnight at the Cerro Lodge , cabaña room Breakfast included

Day 09: Carara (B)

Early breakfast and departure to the Carara Biological Reserve where you will be able to spot the brilliantly patterned scarlet macaw. Other birds to watch for include guans, trogons, toucans, mot-mots and many other forest species. Monkeys, squirrels, sloths and agoutis are among the more common mammals present. This afternoon we will navigate along the Tárcoles River. This river adventure will provide a great understanding of the life cycle of the mangrove and its species. This mangrove forest is one of the most important in the mid Pacific Coast for the conservation of the Scarlet Macaw. Endangered species of birds such as the mangrove Cuckoo, Mangrove Hummingbird, Mangrove Vireo, Panama Flycatcher, Egrets and many Herons spend most of the day in the forest, they roost in the mangroves.


Overnight at the Cerro Lodge , cabaña room Breakfast included

Day 10: Departure

Transfer to the international airport.

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