Let your adventurous spirit awaken!


We can offer you specialized world-class trekking in the most beautiful mountains of Costa Rica. The trekking and hiking tours have been developed for those who want to fully experience this tropical destination. The tours are led by knowledgeable professional guides who will help you explore locations such as Corcovado, Arenal Volcano, Rio Celeste, and Mount Chirripo, the highest peak in Costa Rica at 3820m (12,533 ft). 

You could go hiking through the humid trails of the rain and the cloud forests, through the clayish paths in the skirts of the volcanoes, through the trails of wildlife refuges and the biological reserves.

Let your adventurous spirit awaken by climbing a volcano, or walk towards the peak of a mountain. Costa Rica has it all.

4/3 Palo Verde to Quepos
Hike to Cerro Alto and enjoy incredible views of Cerro de la Muerte and then relax Paraiso Quetzal Lodge located on 80 hectares of primary forest, most importantly, it’s the natu...
4D/3N Barra de Pacuare to Pacayitas
Start on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica in the community of Barra del Pacuare, a small village of homes on the canal at the end of the Pacuare River, surrounded by three Sea Tur...
4D/3N Pacayitas to Palo Verde del Guarco
The starting point will be Finca Vialig, a small archeological site on a private farm. A steep walk thru partial paved route &  views of sugar cane plantations until you reach La ...
Corcovado Naturalist Trek
Corcovado National Park has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. So come and experience this tropical rainforest like no other, then trekking through some of the most incredible flora and ...