Northern Zone - Sarapiqui
La Selva Biological Station Hike (OTS)

Half day, and full day guided walks schedule daily at 8:00 a.m., and 1:30 p.m. A bilingual naturalist guide leads the walks that give a glimpse of the leading-edge research conducted at La Selva Biological Station. Enjoy and learn about the amazing natural history of the tropical forests, its flora and fauna.
Each walk takes place principally on cement or wood trails suitable for people of all ages. Some trails are accessible for the physically challenged.



Entrance fee, and bilingual naturalist guide.


Half day hike: 3 hrs. approx. / Full day hike: 6 hrs. approx.


What to bring

Light clothes, hiking boots or tennis shoes, hat, insect repellent, and sunscreen.

Dates   Rates
From: 01 NOV 16 To: 14 DEC 19
Full Day Adult $45
Children $33
Private $60
Private child N/A
Half Day Adult $35
Children $28
Private $50
Private child N/A

From Pozo Azul / Tirimbina please add $ 113 one way 1-4 pax 

From La Quinta please add $38 one way 1-4 pax

From Selva Verde Lodge / Sueño Azul please add $81 one way 1-4pax 

From Gavilan Lodge please add $19 one way 1-4 pax

From Ara Ambigua please add $31 one way 1-4 pax


Available Hours between: 8:00am &1:30pm

Walk led by bilingual Naturalist Guide Please take into consideration that the time of the walk might change, according to weather.

Children rates apply from 5 to 12 years old

Tour schedules may vary due to weather conditions.

In private tours children pay as adults.

Contact Info

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