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One of the most attractive beaches in Guanacaste province.

Located within Culebra or Snake Bay in the scenic Gulf of Papagayo, Playa Panama is one of the most attractive beaches in Guanacaste province. With close proximity to Liberia and its International Airport, this slate grey sand beach is accessible all year round. Around two kilometers in length, Playa Panama is surrounded by a tropical forest of sarno, brazilwood, manchineel mesquite and Panama trees and shrubs. This beach has no rocks making it one of the best places to swim as the currents here are not strong, and the tide often remains quite low. Nearby the beach is the grand Four Seasons Hotel with its Arnold Palmer championship golf course. The amenities at this location are top notch, and there are many local restaurants, bars and shopping areas just minutes walk. With perfect weather, most of the year, this beach is excellent for all kinds of water sports and fishing. Snorkeling, kayaking and sailing are also popular here. 

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