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Costa Rican Gold Coast

Known to be one of the most glamorous beaches on the Costa Rican Gold Coast, Playa Conchal is located in the North on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Only two kilometers from Playa Brasilito, this gorgeous beach is also very close to the well-known Playa Flamingo and Tamarindo. Together with Playa Brasilito, this beach is divided by a rocky headland known as Punta Conchal, which obtained its name from the hundreds of millions of tiny crushed shells that compose the sand of this beach. Conchal and Brasilito are both great places to stay for accessing some of Guanacaste’s national parks and biological reserves. Not far south of Brasilito is one of the world's most important beaches for the future of sea turtles—Marino Las Baulas National Park—where visitors can witness various sea turtle species coming ashore to perform their nesting ritual.

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