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It's possible to be a tourist and have a green footprint at the same time! 

Enjoy nature and help the environment taking a green tour in Costa Rica. With your contribution we will plant and take care of a tree, which will fix at least 1 CO2 ton, enough to compensate a 2 week vacation in our country (including transportation and complete lodging, but not air travel). 

The funds are administrated through the Climate Change Friendly Program, which is endorsed by the National University of Costa Rica and Control Union Certifications. 

Be proud of being part of the solution! 

If you are interest in diminishing your CO2 emissions during your trip to Costa Rica, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism

Costa Rican Trails participates in Sustainable Tourism Policies and follows environmental guidelines and programs to protect our environment. Please see these environmental tips for travellers.