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Whales & Dolphin Festival-Costa Rica

Whales & Dolphin Festival-Costa Rica

27 Aug 2013

New Whale Festival will be held next September 6th -8th and 13th 15th in National Park Marino Ballena.

Tour consists of 2 hours of travel in the crystalline waters around of the national park, where customers could have the opportunity to observe whales and dolphins.

September is the month when humpback whales arrive to warm waters to breed and give birth their young, incredible events worth of be saw and as a complement of this unique show, this water is inhabited by two dolphins species: Bottlenose dolphin and spotted dolphin, which are easy to observe. Specialist does not guarantee whale sightings but they ensure that probabilities to see them increase on this month.

Tour Operator National Park Marino Ballena Association indicates that during the festival will not be operated private tours

In accordance with this tourism activity is important to mention that while tourist enjoy the experience of a Whale and Dolphins watching tour; guides and boatmen take advantage of those moments to record date, name of the guide, tour company, tour type, species was sighted, observation hour, animal size, if there is presence of youngs and the cardinal point where they were observed and direction where they were going. The purpose of these records is to know better the wildlife that inhabit these waters and have information to preserve them. (Acoprot, 2013)

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